CALLING ALL DART LOVERS! We are officially kicking off the Winter Dart League here at Parkville Market – starting Sunday, February 14th. Read below for more information on how to play!

501 Darts

The Goal is to be the first player to reach the score of exactly zero, within 20 turns. Each player starts with the score of 501, and must attempt to hit points on the dartboard to subtract from their total score. Each space on the dart board is worth a set amount of points, and players get three darts per turn to try to subtract points from their total score. If neither player has reached zero within twenty turns, the player with the lowest score wins. 


Parkville Market will be hosting weekly dart tournaments on Sundays starting at 4:00pm. You may pre-register at this link here (which we encourage). If you do not pre-register, it will be first-come first-served, and please note there are only spots available for 16 teams.

Individuals or teams of two can sign up, with an entry fee of $20. Cash prizes are provided for the winners of each week.

  • Weekly Prizes:
    • Each week the 1st-3rd place teams will be rewarded a portion of the cash prize pool.
    • 1st – 60% 
    • 2nd – 30%
    • 3rd – 10%

Please email [email protected] for more information or to with any questions you my have!