We want to take a second to thank all of you who have come out to visit and enjoy our market. This market was designed to be a place to unite friends, families and communities and to see that happening, especially during such trying times, makes us so happy!

Every week we are seeing more and more of you and while that is exactly what we want, we also want to ensure we take the correct precautions for the Market to remain a safe place for you and your loved ones to come visit. So, we are reaching out to ask for your help! 

The Parkville team is committed to providing a clean and safe market for you to visit.. With your help in following the below safety requirements, we will be able to continue hosting Live Music nights, bring on more restaurants for you to taste, create fun weekly entertainment and be a safe place to come meet up with friends and family. 

  • Face Masks are required AT ALL TIMES, unless you are seated at a table. This applies inside and outside the Market.
    • Visitors who are exempt from wearing a mask due to a medical condition must provide written documentation per state requirements.
    • If a visitor does not have a mask to wear or refuses to wear one you will be denied entry or asked to leave.
  • Please practice social distancing! We know how exciting it is to finally get out of the house, but please stay six feet apart from those who are not in your party whether inside or outside. 
  • No outside food or beverage is permitted on the premises. Don’t worry, we have over 16 restaurants inside as well as two  bars. There is something for EVERYBODY!
  • All tables are to seat a MAXIMUM of 8 people. If your party is larger, please overflow to a second table. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a reservation for larger parties: 860-470-4511.
  • Visitors are allowed to bring their own chairs to sit in on the outside terrace. We ask that you still practice social distancing and when picking a spot to sit, it must be at least 6 ft from another party. 
  • We love singing and dancing too, but we need to make sure everyone is being safe! If you choose, please be sure to put your mask on and boogie down while staying close to your table keeping 6 ft apart from other groups.

We thank you for helping us and we look forward to seeing you soon!

-The Parkville Market Team