Okinawa Boba Co.

Okinawa Boba Co.
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Okinawa Boba Co. おきなわ ぼば The Okinawa Boba Co. おきなわ ぼば finds its fourth home at the Parkville Market. Deviating from traditional tapioca pearls, the Okinawa Boba Co. features crystal boba jelly made from plant based konjac which is both more consistent in texture and healthier than traditional tapioca. Hand crafted and fully customizable, Okinawa Boba Co.’s drinks are designed to give the flexibility for everyone to find their favorite combination. Customers have the choice between the Kōcha (red tea) series and the MILK℠ (whole milk or organic soy) series to anchor different drink flavors such as Café MATCHA, 甘い THAI, Satoimo UBE, and Ichigo RUBY. Don't forget the bubble choices, pick your favorite from options including brown sugar boba, matcha boba, or heart shaped strawberry jelly! かんぱい!