Portly Pig

Portly Pig
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Tue-Thu 11AM-8PM
Fri-Sat 11AM-9PM
Sun 11AM-8PM
The Portly Pig was established in 2018 by co-owners Jonathon Shivick and Johanna Bond. The founding duo and the rest of The Portly Pig team are proud to present the culmination of years of passion and hard work in the form of their unique, self styled, New England Style Barbecue. Featuring a culinary philosophy based in the classic influences of southern barbecue combined with farm to table American fusion cuisine, The Portly Pig offers a New England twist on a beloved style of cooking. While barbecue buffs will be able to find plenty of staples like pulled pork, beef brisket and baby back ribs, you’ll also get to experience how we bend the rules of traditional barbecue to bring you something uniquely New England. The Portly Pig invites you to come along as we explore everything barbecue can be.